Every video should engage the audience and take them on a journey to discover your story for themselves. From concept development to the final product, Pavlography’s work does just that. With over 10 years of experience in film, television, and corporate video production, we have grown our skill set to offer a wide variety of services from the boardroom to the edit room. Professionalism is paramount to us.

Whether working on film and television productions or independent and corporate projects, out team adds tremendous value and energy to any production.

Below is a collection of projects where we had the opportunity to work with many talented artists, filmmakers in collaborating on a terrific few years of projects. 

Frozen Moments was shot on location in the Colorado Rockies at the 10th Mountain Division - Jackle Hut. While there with the Adventure Film School we learned how to film safely in the back-country of Vail in winter conditions. It was a great experience and the AFS is a great school with a talented team. We joined Preston Kanak who was a guest instructor with AFS and we put together a video based on the script written by Mandy Pavlovsky. This was shot primarily on the Canon 5D Markiii in February 2014.

Every Moment Counts is a short film about a Nova Scotian fisherman named Manny Vaughn. Preston Kanak, Cinescapes Collective,  and Pavlography journeyed to Nova Scotia to meet up with Brent Foster, Foster Visuals, in search of a story about the life of a local fisherman. We searched the province high and low to find the right person to feature and we certainly found him. Manny Vaughn is a truly incredible man who fished his whole life in Nova Scotia with his family and continues to fish today. Set in the iconic Peggy's Cove this story really takes us on a journey with Manny.

This project was not only passion project for all involved but we were there to create a video for Nikon's D810. Then unreleased, it was our mission to demonstrate the technical advancements of the camera in the field as we put the camera to the test over land, air and sea. Eastern Canada was a place we all wanted to visit so we chose to Nova Scotia as the backdrop for this piece. It was a great honour to be a part of this project with Nikon and the whole Cinescapes team. 

ENDLESS is a series of three videos we collaborated on with Cinescapes Collective featuring Saskatoon artist success stories and the city that helped them discover their art.

The short features Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy) who documents his journey from his early childhood days to the present. It offers some words of advice and inspiration for others who are on their own journey as artists.

For this project, Cinescapes Collective and Tourism Saskatoon invited Pavlography to collaborate to produce a campaign showcasing some of Saskatoon’s local and international talents. We were invited to come help with production and filming. For this specific chapter, Kim Coates was chosen to be featured as he is the perfect ambassador for the city of Saskatoon. Working with Kim Coates was an absolute blast! He brought great energy and humour to the shoot. 


This video explores author Yann Martel (Life of Pi) and his connection with Saskatoon. Yann is a very humble, caring family man who still calls Saskatoon home to this day. He was a pleasure to work with and truly a brilliant man with a kind soul.

This was the first of three in the ENDLESS series where we got to interview a personal friend, Andrea Menard. Andrea has the voice of an angel and the music beneath this video is from her new album Lift. We filmed this piece by the river and had a great chat!  Andrea is a terrific Canadian talent.

This whole series was a pleasure to work on and a special thanks is owed to Preston Kanak and Cinescapes Collective for having Pavlography collaborate on such a "point of pride" series. As loyal residents of our fair province it comes with great pride to be able to share the story of such great local talents who have gone on from humble prairie beginnings to great worldly successes and yet they all manage to stay true to their roots. We applaud them all.

This is the first of a series where Pavlography features local artists and their talents. This video spawned from the idea that we come across so many local artists that don't have the exposure they deserve and we wanted to contribute in our own way. It's all about getting our names buzzing around the water cooler and the name Kristin Macpherson is one that should be on all of our minds when it come to custom portrait painting.

Kristin Macpherson is an extremely talented Regina artist and photographer. We met Kristin through the Saskatchewan Arts Board in their Entrepreneur program.  In this video we feature how she uses her photography to influence her paintingsand we discover why her art is so important. She has a very unique way of capturing her subjects in their most natural light.

For more about Kristin please visit her website

Earlier in 2014 we were involved in the video production for the Lieutenant Governor's Arts Awards. This video is only one category for the entire gala but gives the viewer an idea of the presentation we did. Saskatchewan is full of amazing artists and creatives who care so much for their art and contribute to the communities in so many ways. It was amazing to see just a small percentage of the talent in this province and the communities that support them.


RAISED AT HOME is a series of three videos we shot with Cinescapes Collective for Co-Op and Canada Beef where we toured Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to visit three different styles of cattle farms. It was definitely one of the colder shoot's we've been on as the temp was consistently in the -35* neighborhood. It was really great to see how much these Canadian farmers care about their livestock and the extent they go to bring healthy beef to our dinner tables.