About Pavlography

My career in photography began when I was 18 years old and my Dad loaned me his old Olympus OM-1 35mm camera to start taking pictures. “It is important to document one’s life” he told me. What he didn’t know was that this "pass-time", as he called it, would turn into a lifelong passion for me.

Having a dark room back in a time before the digital age, was crucial to developing my own style. I used to love spending hours in front of my enlarger and baths working with a photo until it was just right. This was a process I miss but I love the digital age. The possibilities are truly endless. 

To start my first portfolio, I trekked my way through India and Nepal at the age of 19 for some time developing my craft. Being immersed in such a dramatically different environment from my homeland of Canada, I realized that the people in my photos inherently had the same look. That is to say that mother’s look lovingly at their children, pain looks like pain and joy really does twinkly in one’s eye. I realized emotion is global and that my talent lies in finding that perfect, revealing moment where a person is at their most honest, with the purest expression.  

I believe that you should find yourself, in a sense, in “love” with that subject in such way that you can find the inner beauty and true revelation of whomever you capture on film. I always enjoy engaging my subjects to get to know them on a level of mutual friendship and respect in order to truly capture the essence of that person.

My formal education began at the University of Regina where I worked towards my BFA in Film. It was there that I realized the best way to understand cameras was to get your hands on as many cameras, and work with as many shooters as possible. There are so many varieties of cameras in the world and all do something unique. I made it my goal to work with as many as possible from the everyday point & shoot to the super high-speed cameras that can film a bullet travelling through the air.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then of course the motion picture is the natural evolution. I moved into the film and television industry and was accepted into the IATSE 669 Union of Cinematographers where I climbed quickly through the ranks of the camera department. It was an amazing opportunity to work with true professionals and experts at their craft. To count myself as one of these craftsmen was truly a privilege.

After 10 years in film and television, I wanted to spend more time with my family and moved into the world of cooperate photography and video project management.  It’s an exciting time as web video and commercials were being documented on smaller cameras with smaller teams and the low impact nature of this approach allows us into more places to capture more stories.

After working with many artists, professionals and teams over the years, I chose to begin my own studio to share my passion with the world and focus on my own personal artistry. Whether its photo, video or professional camera services for motion pictures, I look forward to what the future holds and next chapter of Pavlography.