Pavlography is a visual based production house located in Regina Saskatchewan. Our services include: film and television content, videography for web content, photography, project management, creative direction, graphic design and voice-over talent. We work with both the corporate and private sectors.

We believe that every video and photo we deliver should engage the audience and take them on a journey to discover that story for themselves. From concept development to the final product, Pavlography’s work does just that. With over 15 years of experience in film, television, and corporate video production, we have grown our skill set to offer a wide variety of services from the boardroom to the edit room. Professionalism is paramount to us.

Whether working on film and television productions or independent and corporate projects, we endeavor to add tremendous value and energy to any production.

Our objective is helping our clients identify their goals and focus their efforts to achieve the best possible outcome in a visual medium. We build achievable project strategies with a clear roadmap to help guide our clients towards their end goal of high quality visuals to tell their story.

We produce high quality, impactful visual stories with our dedicated team of creative individuals to work with the unifying goal of delivering the highest quality of storytelling using the latest production technologies. 

In this day and age where every phone has a camera, the art of original storytelling has become even more important. From the selection of equipment and lighting setup to editing and processing choices, ensuring that your story stands out amongst the masses is absolutely paramount. Owner and “Pavlographer” Michael Pavlovsky brings 15 years of invaluable professional experience behind the camera to every project he works on. From photography to the motion picture, Michael has experience working with every size of budget and production. He has fine-tuned his unique skill set and developed the approach of “Pavlography” – the highest quality of original storytelling.

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